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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to get free tea in Ljubljana

At hostelspa24 in Ljubljana, they give you a coupon for a free tea, coffee or beer. However for our stay they were permanently out of beer so it was just tea or coffee. Thing is, they never ask for the coupon. And they never give you a bill. Therefore a stay at hostelspa24 means one thing: unlimited hot drinks.

There are of course other attributes to this hostel. It was very clean, we first got given a 2 bed room when we had booked into a 4, and even when we moved into the 10 bed dorm the next night (which we had planned), it still felt rather spacious. You could even buy fabulous t shirts such as this: 

(n.b. I decided against the purchasing of said t-shirt)

Of course, there's life outside the hostel. Ljubljana is not known for anything in particular, but like many European cities, it is picturesque and charming. We only spent a day in the capital itself, in which we passed our time mooching by the river, watching street performers and browsing the market. The most strenuous activity was climbing to a castle on a hill, from where you could see the whole city:

would be a swell view if those two tourists weren't in the way
The city does have quite a sleepy vibe and there isn't that much to do other than potter about. This was perfect for the day we spent here, however, I couldn't imagine spending too long in the city. In the evening we trapsed around for ages trying to find a bar that stayed open past 10, and the one we finally found only seemed to sell moonshine jagermiester. Still, we thought when in Ljubljana, and enjoyed our moonshine while sitting on a massive climbing frame that belonged to the pub.

The most exciting thing about the city was the indian restaurant we found. We purchased a pakora and a thali each for under 6 euros, and it was massive. I finished every last morsel, because I don't seem to have full sensors in my stomach, but Louise had enough for two meals. It was honestly the most gorgeous curry I have ever had the pleasure to consume, and if I am ever passing through Ljubljana again, I will make a firm effort to visit that curry house in particular and for another veg thali. 

So, there you go. Ljubljana = free tea and amazing curry. Who would have thought it?