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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Why do we travel


  1. To see the world from a different angle - clearly, going to another country changes your perspective. Seeing how other people live first hand enables you to understand and appreciate their culture. You might just learn something about yourself while doing it.
  2. To make friends “I wish I’d a knowed more people. I would of loved ‘em all. If I’d a knowed more, I would a loved more” (Toni Morrison). When we travel, we meet people from completely different backgrounds. When meeting fellow travellers, you may have nothing in common apart from a desire to travel. And what a lovely thing - for then you can learn all about a way of life completely different to your own. The same goes for locals of the countries you may go to. A whole world (figuratively and literally) is opened up to you when you travel with the intention to make friends.
  3. To sample different cuisines - you haven't tasted real Chinese food unless you go to China (or have a Chinese stepmother like me) similarly, the Indian food we have in England is not really Indian food at all. Most Indians are vegetarian. Travel and your tastebuds will be forever grateful. 
  4. To escape the 9-5 - when you travel you don't have to work at all, or you can work constantly. Obviously you need to have enough money to afford food and shelter, but travel opens your eyes to a simpler way of life where you don't need all these material possessions that people work so hard to buy. Travel makes you healthy and happy. Travel makes you not need the 9-5.
  5. To prove to yourself that you can live your passions - daydreaming of going Scuba Diving in the great barrier reef? Or are you lusting after strolling down the streets of Kathmandu? Go on, do it, I dare you. This life is so short. If travel is all you think about, you can go. Prioritize it, save up for it, and embark on the journey of a lifetime. 

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